Our Philosophy

A part of the community since 1978, at Children’s Corner, we believe that the primary purpose of early childhood education is to develop each child’s innate love of learning and discovery. The curriculum follows the principles and practices of top academic research that exploratory, play-based learning during the preschool years fosters a lifelong love of learning.

Our philosophy is that children develop at their own rate and in their own way, and learn best through play.  Each child is valued as a unique individual with their own strengths and challenges. Teachers work hard to support each individual so they can share their strengths, and develop into capable and caring individuals. We believe that it is critical to set up a classroom environment that balances structure and exploration and is interesting and appealing so that each time a child comes to Children’s Corner, he or she finds an activity that is new, interesting and age appropriate.

Our classroom environments are divided into developmentally appropriate learning areas. As children play in the environment, they have numerous opportunities to interact with materials, peers, and adults.

We believe children come to school with an immense amount of curiosity and it is our job as teachers to set up the classroom environments that are exciting and engaging. Our teachers are caring, encouraging, and nurturing so that each child feels safe and comfortable to explore, invent, think, imagine and try. Our teachers are educated in the field of child development and stay current by attending classes, workshops, and conferences. We believe that, with a stimulating classroom environment and enthusiastic teachers, children will leave at the end of the day having learned more about themselves and the world around them.

On any given day, one might see five-year-olds absorbed in the biology of snails making iridescent trails with diluted food coloring. One might hear four-year-olds gaining social skills as they brainstorm how to share the bike-yard or learning about solids and liquids by manipulating translucent, sparkle gak. Three-years-olds may be developing whole-body coordination doing yoga or strengthening the fine motor muscles in their hands with clay. Supported by caring, knowledgeable teachers and surrounded by friends, children experiment with new skills and gain confidence and motivation from their emerging abilities.

By the end of the school year each child has learned so much in so many different areas and it has all been accomplished by working together.

We do not required children to be potty-trained upon starting at Children’s Corner and we work together with parents to encourage and teach children to be self-sufficient at a pace that is developmentally appropriate for each child.

“From John Dewey to Jean Piaget, educators have generally agreed that…small children learn mainly from interacting and not passive listening, understanding and not memorizing, reading for fun and not simply decoding.”

-David L. Kirp, professor of public policy, University of California, Berkeley