from James Kim, current Room 6 parent

Hey new Room 5 parents!

I’m guessing that some of you are having a difficult time right now. We were in the same place with our daughter, Samantha, last year. She had a nanny for the first 2 1/2 years of her life so this was certainly a huge change for her and us! I’m hoping some of these tips will be helpful. Looking back, I think we would have loved some advice to consider.

Bottom line is that it’s hard. It’s incredibly hard. There will be tears. There will be many tears…but…you’ll all get through it. I can tell you with certainty that last year we had a 100% success rate!

My biggest tip is for you all and your little ones (LOs) to get together for the first few weekends. We had as many parents as I could connect with over to our house for a Sat morning playdate. The LO’s saw the parents interacting and got more of a chance be around one another. The LO’s anxieties come primarily from all the unknown ppl and faces. Your goal is to do everything in your power to reduce this anxiety…as expediently as possible.

My second tip is that if you decide to hang around the classroom a bit in the mornings, that you play games/activites at the tables your LOs and the teachers together. Again this goes back to stranger anxiety. Playing together mutually with the teachers and seeing that you laugh, smile and play with the teachers will help reduce their anxiety.

We also tried everything else we could think of (calendar/star thing, ice cream after school, etc…). Anything else you can do, you should do…although I believe (imho) the things listed above are the biggest ones.

We all got through it and have made great friendships. You’ll all be laughing about this with each other over beer, wine and 5,000 pieces of artwork.

You’ll love the teachers as well. They are super pros. 🙂

Happy to chat with any of you if you like. Hang in there and good luck!