2's and Young 3's

Student Teacher Ratio 5:1

The Terrific Twos and Young Threes Program

In our 2s & young 3s program, we maintain a nurturing environment with a student-to-teacher ratio of 4-6 children per teacher, ensuring individualized attention. Our primary focus throughout the year is fostering language and communication skills, specifically in taking turns, problem-solving, and building friendships. Our setup encourages interactive conversations between children and adults as they explore various areas and materials.

Art Table

At our art table, creativity knows no bounds. Children engage in open-ended art projects, promoting fine motor skills and imaginative thinking. Our array of paint options includes tempera, foam, finger, and watercolors, along with a variety of colors and tools like brushes, sponges, and Q-tips. Collage materials range from yarn and foam shapes to leaves and puzzle pieces, bound by various glues including white, colored, clear, liquid starch, corn syrup, and contact paper. To add flair, we incorporate stamps, crayons, chalk, and stickers. Easel painting, a daily treat, is set up indoors or outdoors.

Sensory Table

Catering to the tactile nature of two-year-olds, our sensory table offers a range of materials to explore. From playdough to water with color-changing ice, these tactile experiences not only captivate but also lay the foundation for early science awareness.

Manipulative Tables

Fine motor skills, color, and shape recognition take center stage at our manipulative tables. Puzzles, lacing beads, and interactive games provide engaging challenges. The Brio table hosts trains, tracks, Legos, small blocks, and Bristle Blocks, further igniting creativity.

Interest Areas

Our dress-up/kitchen area fosters imaginative role-play, while the versatile black area features zoo and farm animals, dinosaurs, and vehicles. The book corner doubles as a cozy nook for reading and storytelling, augmented by stuffed animals and puppets. These spaces are fluid, allowing props to transcend areas, enriching imaginative play.

Circle Time

Circle time enhances group dynamics as children listen and follow instructions. It's a delightful blend of reading books, storytelling via the felt board, singing, music, dance, movement activities, games, and parachute play. Circle time's duration ranges from five to twenty minutes, adapted to the time of year and children's age.

Outside Area

The outdoor space is dedicated to gross motor skill development. Children actively engage in climbing, running, jumping, biking, and sandbox adventures. The easel hosts painting and chalk art, while tables offer puzzles, construction toys, and manipulatives. Dramatic play thrives outdoors, thanks to a playhouse, sand toys, and dolls. Warmer weather brings water play, spray painting, and shaving cream fun.

Through this thoughtfully designed environment and curriculum, Children's Corner creates a holistic learning experience that nurtures the growth and development of each child.

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