Room 4 Team

4s and Young 5s Teachers

Melissa - Lead Teacher

Meet Melissa leads Room 4  equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University, and a Site Supervisor Permit. Her journey in the education field spans over a decade, during which she has guided students from pre-k to Kindergarten.

Melissa's joy lies in witnessing the magical process where students conceive an idea and independently bring it to life, often with minimal teacher guidance. She believes this is one of the most effective ways children learn—through exploration and personal accomplishment.

In Melissa's perspective, teaching is a two-way street. While educators impart knowledge to children, she believes that teachers also have much to learn from their young students. This mutual exchange of knowledge fosters a richer and more meaningful educational experience for everyone involved.

Maria - Lead Teacher

Meet Maria, who embarked on her career as a children’s swim instructor, where she had the privilege of teaching youngsters, including those with special needs. This experience quickly unveiled her innate passion for teaching children. Since the age of 17, Maria has been dedicated to working with children, an endeavor that has broadened her perspective. She realized that every child, regardless of developmental challenges, possesses unique interests and remarkable skills. 

Over the years, Maria honed her own skills and nurtured a teaching philosophy centered around empowering children to reach their aspirations. Beyond her professional journey, Maria is a proud parent to three teenagers, cherishing her role in their active lives.

Outside of her professional and family commitments, Maria immerses herself in youth volleyball, both playing and coaching. She finds joy in engaging in activities like kickball and expressing her creativity through acrylic painting. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Maria aspires to ignite a love for languages in the children she teaches. Her warm and inviting message, "Bienvenidos a las Aventuras del Pasaporte. Estoy Muy Alegre de Estar en Esta Clase!" reflects her enthusiasm for embarking on new adventures together.

Pam – Teacher

Introducing Pam, an educator with a wealth of experience. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in child development from California State University, Hayward, Pam holds impressive credentials including a Children’s Center Life Permit and a Lifetime Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Her journey in education began in 1973, and she became an invaluable member of the Children’s Corner team in 2007. Pam's extensive background includes roles as a credentialed Kindergarten teacher, a former elementary school principal, and a dedicated preschool director and teacher.

Her commitment to education is a cornerstone of our community, shaping the futures of those in her care.

Christine– Teacher

Meet Christine, our dedicated Teacher who has been an integral part of Children’s Corner since 2017. With each passing day, she relishes the opportunity to delve into the world of different age groups, nurturing their growth and development.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies from Sonoma State University, Christine's thirst for knowledge led her to pursue Early Childhood courses at De Anza College. Her ambition to attain Teacher certification drives her forward.

Christine finds immense satisfaction in witnessing children flourish and relish their time at Children’s Corner. Beyond her role here, she remains active in her theatre circle. In fact, she imparts her expertise by teaching theatrical makeup within the theatre department at Leigh Highschool. Her multifaceted passion for education and the arts enriches both her journey and those she guides.

Ian – Assistant Teacher

Ian holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California and has furthered his education by taking early childhood education classes at local junior colleges. His association with Children’s Corner began in 2001 when he joined part-time while pursuing his college degree. In 2007, Ian became a full-time staff member, and interestingly, he is also an alumnus of Children’s Corner.

Demonstrating his commitment to education, Ian holds an Associate Teacher Permit from the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. He actively contributes to our 4s and Young 5s program for five mornings a week, and additionally, he engages with the Young Explorers program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Ian's dedication and multifaceted role greatly enhance the learning journey for the children he interacts with.