Room 2 Team

2s and Young 3s Teachers

Tina - Lead Teacher

Tina embarked on her journey as a preschool teacher at Children's Corner back in 2010 returning in 2023, assuming the roles of both teacher and Site Supervisor! Armed with a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz, Tina found intriguing parallels between psychology and child development studies.

Amidst her academic pursuits, Tina also embraced the joys of motherhood, welcoming her first son. She eagerly awaits the day when he can join her at Children's Corner, adding an extra layer of anticipation to her heartfelt return.

Vidya - Teacher

With a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, a Post-graduate diploma in Computer Applications, and a strong passion for teaching, Vidya's educational journey has been diverse and enriching. To further enhance her skills, she diligently pursued additional courses in early childhood education. Her teaching odyssey commenced during her tenure at an Elementary school. Fluent in three languages - English, Tamil, and Hindi - she also possesses a working knowledge of several other Indian languages. Notably, she has dedicated over a decade to teaching children the nuances of reading, writing, and speaking Tamil on Sundays, even serving a two-year role as the Principal of a Tamil school.

Joining Children's Corner in 2021, Vidya focuses on nurturing the development of 2-3-year-old children. Her genuine ardor for teaching becomes evident through the positive responses she elicits during her daily interactions with young learners. Witnessing children thrive in all dimensions brings her immense satisfaction.

During her leisure time, Vidya immerses herself in playing the Veena, a classical Indian string instrument. She also tends to a thriving backyard garden, cultivating an array of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, she channels her creativity into crocheting, showcasing her diverse range of interests and talents.

Josette – Assistant Teacher

Allow me to present Josette: Armed with a bachelor's degree in anthropology from Catholic University in Belgium, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Fluent in five languages—Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish—Josette's linguistic prowess plays a crucial role in seamlessly integrating young non-English speakers into our program.

Josette's teaching journey dates back to 1985, a testament to her extensive experience. After dedicating several years as a parent volunteer, she officially joined Children’s Corner in 2003. You can find Josette passionately engaged with our 2s and Young 3s program, lending her expertise on weekday mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Josie – Assistant Teacher

Presenting Josie: Drawing from a wealth of diverse experiences, Josie was a proud member of the parks and recreation department of the City of San Jose. Her role involved meaningful interactions with students spanning ages 3 to 18, reflecting her dedication to fostering growth and development.

Josie's professional journey has traversed a multitude of programs, encompassing after-school initiatives, teen centers, summer camps, drop-in activities, fitness programs, and the nurturing environment of a preschool program known as 'Little Learners'. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she takes immense pride in her role as a devoted parent, caring lovingly for her 5-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.

During moments not devoted to work or studies, she finds solace in the embrace of nature, often engaging in activities like hiking and swimming. Furthermore, Josie cherishes the invaluable time spent with her family and derives genuine pleasure from the culinary arts.

Each year, Josie eagerly anticipates the opportunity to forge connections with new students, embarking upon a fresh and exciting chapter of educational exploration.