Room 3 Team

Haley – Lead Teacher

Haley is dedicated to nurturing the 3-4 year olds. Her days are filled with shared joys of reading, dancing, and singing songs with the kids. Amid morning and afternoon circle time, she skillfully strums the ukulele, weaving in the magic of music. Armed with a BA in Early Childhood Development, Haley's commitment shines as she devotes her full-time efforts to Room 3.

Caden – Teacher

Caden is a lifelong member of the Children's Corner family. From his earliest days, Children's Corner has been his second home. It was where he took his first steps into education at just three years old. As a teenager, driven by his passion for working with children, he eagerly volunteered and contributed to our community.

Caden's journey continued to unfold as he embraced the role of a substitute teacher at Children's Corner at the age of eighteen. In 2020, he transitioned into a full-time teaching position, marking a significant milestone in his career. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development with a specialized focus on Early Education from San Jose State University, Caden's educational journey also included time at De Anza College, where his academic pursuits thrived.

Caden's heart finds resonance in working with children with special needs, a testament to his genuine empathy and dedication. Beyond this, he's an artist at heart, weaving captivating sensory experiences and artistic setups in Room 3. Through his creative endeavors, he fosters a world of exploration and imagination for the children he guides.

Linda – Teacher

Linda's journey spans 30 years within the realms of Corporate Graphic Design, Marketing, and Advertising at various Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area. In 2015, she embarked on her second career as an educator, venturing into the world of teaching within a prominent District After Care program.

Her vibrant spirit comes alive as she engages in music, motivating the children to dance and embrace movement daily. A fervent advocate of the library, Linda brings the magic of exciting books into our midst, enriching story time and seamlessly weaving them into our classroom themes, whether it's the blooming of Spring, the world of flowers, or the fascinating realm of bugs.

Linda's educational philosophy is grounded in the power of foundational instruction. She takes delight in simplifying complex subjects, breaking down 'real-life' matters into accessible terms. This approach empowers children to easily grasp concepts, fostering a deep and lasting understanding.

Marykate - Assistant Teacher

In 2017, Marykate's journey into the world of working with children began at her first daycare job, sparking a passion that has only grown stronger over time. Her love for this field has remained unwavering since that momentous start. Over the years, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in diverse educational settings, ranging from home learning and Montessori environments to kindergarten classrooms and preschools. Continuing her commitment to learning, Marykate is currently enrolled at De Anza College, diligently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. 

Marykate's mission has always been to infuse each child's day with a profound sense of love and care. Her genuine delight stems from guiding children on a journey toward developing empathy and mastering emotional coping skills. As a certified children’s Yoga Instructor, she has discovered a unique outlet to nurture these qualities. By seamlessly incorporating movement and breathwork into their daily routines, she has successfully created a holistic approach to growth.

Her patient demeanor and diverse range of experiences position Marykate to provide enthusiastic support to Room 3. Whether it's Monday or Friday, she brings joy and dedication to her role, shaping a positive and nurturing environment for the children she works with.