Room 3 Team

Haley – Lead Teacher

Haley works with the 3-4 year olds and enjoys reading, dancing and singing songs with the kids. During morning and afternoon circle time, she plays the ukulele to help introduce music and song to the kids. She holds her BA in Early Childhood Development and works full-time in Room 3.

Caden – Teacher

Alicia - Teacher

Linda – Assistant Teacher

After 30 years in Corporate Graphic Design/Marketing/Advertising at a number of Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area, Linda started her 2nd career in teaching in 2015–starting at a large District After Care program.

She enjoys playing music and encouraging the children to dance or move their bodies daily. She's a huge fan of the library - bringing in exciting books for story time adding to our classroom themes (like Spring, flowers, bugs, etc).

She believes in foundational instruction where she explains things from a simple perspective. By breaking down 'real life' issues in simple terms, the children can easily understand concepts.